Small Businesses, Large Gaps in Cyber Security

Small business owners are faced with a set of unique challenges which may slow their adoption of cyber security measures.

Firstly, business owners are not aware of their cyber risks, and do not see themselves as targets.

Secondly, businesses have to navigate an ever-changing regulatory landscape and a complexifying technological environment. In fact, the technical jargon, and fragmented cyber security market interlinked with non-uniform privacy and security regulations across jurisdictions and industries, make cyber security a difficult topic for small business owners to reach and operationalize. The SMEs do not know where to start and what to choose, to start their cyber security journey.

Thirdly, the lack of suitable, and comprehensive cyber security services for SMEs, with the shortage of cyber security experts and the expensive associated cost in the market, presents a constraint in available options to small business owners, to address their cyber security needs, and raise their awareness.

With no satisfactory access to these cyber security services, small business owners will continue to face challenges with data breaches and cyber security attacks, increasing daily.

Cybersecurity is a Social Responsibility, Everyone has a Role to Play.

Magda Chelly



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